New Newhouse program “Kick it Up!” offers crowdfunding training, financial support to student entrepreneurs

Training will take place November 19; application period is November 20 – December 9

Attention, Newhouse students! Do you have a storytelling idea or project that could use some monetary support? Are you using Kickstarter or another similar service to crowdfund but would like some guidance?

That’s where Kick it Up! comes in. A new program offered by the Newhouse School, “Kick it Up!” can help in two ways:

  • In-person and online training on how to run an effective Kickstarter campaign, which will be held on Tuesday, November 19, at 6 p.m. in the Joyce Hergenhan Auditorium in Newhouse 3.
  • Monetary awards of up to $1,500 for students who post Kickstarter projects this fall under the theme of “Non-Fiction Storytelling or Services” and attract high numbers of backers. Funding is based on the number of backers—projects with 50 or more backers will receive $150; projects with 100 or more backers will receive $450; and those with 150 or more backers will receive $900. Students receive 100 percent of this funding.

To apply, submit your project via the online form at  any time between November 20 and December 9. Applications during this round must be non-fiction storytelling projects or services—anything factual in nature with an intent to inform rather than to persuade or entertain—from currently enrolled Newhouse students. Ten projects will be chosen in the first round, and select projects will also be featured on a Newhouse Kickstarter page and promoted by the school.

Newhouse will also feature projects from Newhouse students whose projects go beyond the “non-fiction” definition, as well as from alumni who have graduated within the last five years. These kinds of projects are not directly eligible for matching funds, but if a current Newhouse student is working on them, he or she may enter the project. Any Newhouse student or alumnus interested in being featured is invited to join Newhouse’s network on Kickstarter by following this link:

“Kick it Up!” is sponsored by Dan Pacheco, Newhouse’s Peter A. Horvitz Endowed Chair of Journalism Innovation, with additional financial support from Newhouse Dean Lorraine Branham and Syracuse University Provost Eric Spina. Contact Pacheco with questions at

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