Gerry Center Innovation Lab

Due to social distancing requirements, contact tracing requirements and general health and safety during COVID-19, use of the Innovation Lab this semester is on a reservation basis only and must be sponsored by a faculty member. Students are not permitted to bring others into the Innovation lab.

Students who are granted a time slot in the Innovation Lab must agree to adhere to the same social distancing and cleaning procedures used in classrooms, in addition to other equipment-specific cleaning procedures provided after the reservation is confirmed. Please keep in mind that all entry and exit to the innovation lab is tracked to SUID numbers, and your time in the Innovation Lab will be reported by your faculty sponsor for COVID-19 contact-tracing purposes.

To access the lab, you must first check this calendar to make sure no more than two other people have reserved time:

Then, request your own day and time here:

If you notice any problems with people observing capacity limits, social distancing, cleaning, or any other unsafe behavior, please immediately contact Prof. Pacheco or the faculty member who sponsors your Innovation Lab access.