Gerry Center Innovation Lab

Please fill out this form to request access to the Innovation Lab:

Your request will be queued up for review, and you will be notified when your access is live. Usually this just takes a couple days.

Once you have access to the lab, please make sure that you review and adhere to the common sense rules below. If you notice any problems in the lab, please contact Prof. Pacheco or the faculty member who sponsors your Innovation Lab access.

The Alan Gerry Innovation Lab Rules

The Innovation Lab in the Alan Gerry Center for Media Innovation is a multi-use space for students and faculty who are working on innovative projects that impact the future media. If you have a current project or idea that fits within this definition, please contact Dan Pacheco ( about getting access to the lab.

Please note that your access may be revoked if you violate any of the following common-sense rules:

  • Your access is tracked. Entries and exits are logged for every SUID. This means that if something is broken or goes missing during a time when you entered the lab, you may be contacted by the Department of Public Service (DPS) and could be liable for damaged or missing items.
  • Treat all equipment with respect, as if it were your own. The lab contains unique, sensitive equipment that cannot be easily replaced. By receiving access, you must agree to accept full financial responsibility for the equipment that you use while there. If such equipment is damaged through misuse or neglect by you (other
    than through wear and tear), you agree to pay for all repairs and/or replacement.
  • Don’t use equipment you have not been trained on. If a piece of equipment looks interesting to you but you don’t know whose it is, and you haven’t been trained on it, leave it be.
  • Don’t bring groups of people into the lab if they’re not on the list. The lab is available to you and others who have access to work on projects individually or in collaboration. It should not be used as a study space during finals, a party pad, etc. And remember, if someone comes into the lab with you, you are the one who is responsible for anything they may do there.
  • Don’t do anything risky that could hurt someone.  Don’t bring stuff into the lab that is flammable, might catch fire, explode; Don’t fly drones in the lab, etc. Nuff said.
  • Don’t log into Steam on the Windows PCS with your own Steam account. Experience has showed us that this is how those systems slow down, and they periodically have to be wiped. So please do not create that problem for everyone else just because you want to play your own games.
  • When can you use the lab? The lab is available to those who have keycard access without requiring a reservation. Please note that the lab is meant to be a dynamic, creative space, not a reserveable conference room. Please use it only for the projects and assignments that got you in, or new projects that you are working on with a sponsoring faculty member.
  • What if a lot of people are in there? There are times when large groups may be using it which may make it inconvenient or even impossible for you to work effectively there at certain times. You can check the calendar here to see if there are such events taking place: …
    Anyone who schedules such times for large groups has been advised that others with access may enter at any time. Feel free to enter the lab to retrieve work in progress or files that you can’t access at any other time.