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NEW 400/600: Next News Startup

Meets: Tuesday / Thursday, 9:30 – 10:50 a.m. in Newhouse 3, 252.

Looking to launch a startup focused on news, information or civic media? This class can help.

Looking to launch a startup focused on news, information or civic media? This class can help.

Your big idea means nothing if it stays locked up in your head. Find out how to make it happen, and make it a success!

This course includes hands-on exercises that help you conceptualize, pitch, build and fund your own news or civic media startup. Taught by Professor Dan Pacheco, the Newhouse Chair of Journalism Innovation and an active media entrepreneur who has worked on dozens of startups at companies large and small — including his own current startup. If your goal is primarily to inform rather than entertain, this is the startup course for you!

This Newhouse course is open to any student from any major at Syracuse University. You’ll learn about:

  • Business basics.
  • Market research.
  • Rapid prototyping.
  • Pitching your startup.
  • WordPress and CMS’s.
  • Ad networks and analytics.
  • Funding and grants.
  • Data-driven visualizations.

Also, get support for running a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.


Please contact Professor Pacheco at drpachec at syr dot edu, or fill out the contact form.

Video from Waveables, Wearables and Flyables: Your Body is the Computer

We had a great turnout for our October 29 event focused on gesture interfaces, wearable computing and drones. We will post more video and photos soon, but in the meantime you can watch the archived YouTube video stream here. Thanks to Jason Kohlbrenner for manning the camera!

Dan Pacheco’s presentation at the UNLV Beyond Convergence conference

Professor Dan Pacheco gave a presentation at the University of Nevada Las Vegas’ Beyond Convergence, titled ““All your (data)base are belong to us : The rise of the empowered public and its impact on the journalist-source relationship.”

The full presentation can be downloaded here. It is made available for education use under a Creative Commons Attribution-Only License.

Have questions? Contact Dan Pacheco at drpacheco at syr dot edu, or click the Contact Us button above. Pacheco can also be contacted through Twitter at @pachecod or @JournovationSU.

Students’ Drones Take Flight in Syracuse University’s Indoor Sports Arenas

It’s been almost a year since Professor Dan Pacheco first brought drones into the S.I. Newhouse school to experiment with aerial footage for journalism, and a lot has changed since then. Most notably, the Federal Aviation Administration has begun to flex its regulatory muscles to effectively shut down outdoor drone flights by state-funded universities by requiring certificates of authorization that don’t yet exist.

Participants of the first indoor drone test flight at Syracuse University's Manley Field House on October 4, 2013. From left to right: Prof. Dan Pacheco, Pacheco and SU students Jay Getman, Arland Whitfield and Erin Miller.

Participants of the first indoor drone test flight at Syracuse University’s Manley Field House on October 4, 2013. From left to right: Gabriel Smadi, freshman in LC Smith; Prof. Dan Pacheco, Chair of Journalism Innovation at Newhouse; Jay Getman and Arland Whitfield, freshmen from SU’s iSchool; and Erin Miller, advertising student at Newhouse. (Photo by Lenny Christopher).

Because Syracuse University is not engaging in outdoor flights at this point, we have not received warnings from the FAA, but we are closely monitoring the regulatory environment as the clock counts down to September 30, 2015 — the date by which Congress has mandated that the FAA create a method to certify and authorize commercial drone flights.

Meanwhile, student interest in drones is increasing. The first multidisciplinary student-run organization, which is advised by Pacheco, is starting to form with representatives from several SU schools, including Newhouse, the iSchool and Smith College of Engineering.

With outdoor flights on the back burner, Pacheco, with the support of SU Athletics, is helping the student organization get indoor flight time in SU’s indoor sports arenas. The first flight happened on October 4, 2013 in SU’s Manley Field House using iSchool student Arland Whitfield’s Naza drone. Whitfield was accompanied by two students from the Newhouse school, another from the iSchool, and one from LC Smith college of engineering. You can see the results of their first test in this video.

Pacheco also recently sent two members of the student organization, Jay Getman and Erin Miller, to the DARC Drone & Aerial Robotics Conference in New York City. You can stay up to date on Getman’s research into drones on his blog, which is part of an independent study with Pacheco focused on new technologies for media.

So where do things go from here? Pacheco is actively discussing next steps with SU Athletics. Apart from what we may do with them, the area of Drone Sports Journalism is ripe with possibilities. Have an idea for using flying cameras in sports? Post your comments here.

– Dan Pacheco, Chair of Journalism Innovation


Press and Media Mentions

Here’s an ongoing collection of articles that mention or quote Professor Pacheco. A complete list can be found in this Diigo group.

Waveables, Wearables and Flyables: YOUR BODY IS THE COMPUTER

Digital Edge Seminar Series

First there were PCs, then mobile devices. What’s next? New advances use your body as the interface to create and explore media and journalism.




Free and open to the public.

Join us for a fun evening packed with hands-on experiences and demonstrations that sound like science fiction, but are already shaping the world of tomorrow.

Dan Pacheco, Horvitz Chair in Journalism Innovation.
Dr. Frank Biocca, VR pioneer and Director of the M.I.N.D. Lab.
Newhouse Global Leaders in Digital & Social Media Speaker Series.