Nonny De la Peña speaking March 4

The worlds of gaming and journalism are about to merge as the cost of creating 3D experiential environments plummets and a flood of new motion and gesture-based interfaces readies to enter the marketplace. Journalist Nonny de la Peña is on the forefront of this trend, and will visit the Newhouse School on Monday, March 4, bringing stereoscopic “virtual reality goggles” that allow people to literally step into a 3D news story.

“Nonny is a true pioneer in an exciting new frontier for digital journalism and documentary film,” says Peter A. Horvitz Chair of Journalism Innovation Dan Pacheco, who is bringing De la Peña to the Newhouse school as the third speaker in the Digital Edge Journalism seminar series. “When you enter her immersive experiences, you feel as if you’ve been transported to another place and another time. In the future, will some stories not be so much told as experienced?”

De la Peña will speak at 7 p.m. in the Joyce Hergenhan Auditorium in Newhouse 3. Follow on Twitter at hashtag #immersj.

She will also provide interactive visual reality demonstrations that afternoon, beginning at 1 p.m., in Room 494, Newhouse 2. Personal tours can be reserved by signing up at Priority will be given to SU students.

Space at De la Peña’s evening talk is limited, so please RSVP here. Attendance is free and open to the public.

Professor Pacheco in the Press

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  • "Dan Pacheco, professor of journalism innovation at the S.I. Newhouse School at Syracuse University, served as a consultant with Gannett Digital and the Des Moines Register on Harvest of Change. He describes team-building as part two of a “three act” process. (Act one: Find the story and conduct preliminary research...

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  • Two years ago, former journalist and media entrepreneur Dan Pacheco departed the tech startup hub of the Denver metro area to serve as the Chair of Journalism Innovation at the S.I. Newhouse School, Syracuse University. Since then, he and his students have been working to help bring together segments of the local tech-business ecosystem that's been spurring an economic renaissance around Syracuse -- and learning lessons that can apply elsewhere...

Inside Gannett's editorial innovation lab - Digiday


  • "Dan Pacheco, who is chair of journalism innovation at Syracuse University and who consulted to Gannett on the Oculus Rift project, said the barriers to scaling these ideas aren’t technological (the tools are there and free to use), but the finding the right stories and people with the right skill sets...

Oprah Winfrey leads Syracuse community in dedicating new facility | USA TODAY College


  • "The facility is not about teaching people things that have been taught the last 50 years. It’s about preparing them to open their minds to imagine what the next 50 years will be like, and making those things happen right here,” says Dan Pacheco, Peter A. Horvitz Endowed Chair in Journalism Innovation at SU...

How to Experience ONA14 Without Attending in Person | Mediashift | PBS


  • "Dan Pacheco, chair of journalism innovation at Syracuse University, presented a session showing off the virtual reality display in the Midway. Gannett is using Oculus Rift head-mounted devices for experiments in explanatory journalism. The devices — which cover the top of one’s head and face — don’t make viewers seasick these days, and the visual experience is stunning...

Newhouse Supports National News Engagement Day


  • "... student journalists from the Newhouse School—who will discuss news engagement with people across campus; demos of Oculus Rift, 3D scanning, DJI Phantom drone and Google Glass with Dan Pacheco, chair of journalism innovation at the Newhouse School ..." -

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    • "Dan Pacheco, the journalism innovation chair at S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, came on board this summer as Gannett Digital’s innovator in residence to work on the project. There is huge potential for virtual reality experiences even outside journalism, he says...

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  • Newhouse official coverage of the Future of Digital Media panel that kicked off the Newhouse school's Dick Clark Studios and Alan Gerry Center for Media Innovation. - Dan Pacheco


Newhouse School panel: The future of digital media |

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by: Dan Pacheco

Video: The Future of Digital Media panel, Newhouse Studio and Innovation Center Dedication Event


  • Recorses livestream of the Future of Digital Media panel at the beginning of the dedication of the S.I. Newhouse School's Dick Clark Studios and Alan Gerry Media Innovation Center. Moderated by Professor Dan Pacheco, Horvitz Chair of Journalism Innovation. Panelists included Kristina Hahn of Google, Larry Hryb of Xbox Live, Mitch Gelman of Gannett Digital and Ed Wise of Turner and Funny or Die...

Student, Professor Play Key Role in Groundbreaking Journalism Moment


  • "Pacheco sees this as one part of a growing field of what he calls Experiential Media. Over the next decade, media will increasingly move into our environment, and we will move into media, Pacheco says. Your body itself, rather than a mouse, computer or phone, will increasingly become the primary mode of navigation through content...

Oculus Rift could transform the way we view the news - The Washington Post


  • "It’s easy to see how something like the Oculus Rift could transform the news-reading experience — not just for traditional news-gathering organizations like The Des Moines Register, but also for just about any Silicon Valley tech company that produces a newsfeed...

News for the Minecraft generation: Gannett experiments with virtual reality | Poynter.


  • 'Syracuse University Professor Dan Pacheco, who worked as a consultant on the Gannett farm presentation, eventually sees a variety of other uses. He says virtual reality can transform travel reporting, allow journalists to recreate historic events, help science reporters illustrate potential sea level rise, and enable sports fans to “virtually attend” the World Cup or other marquee events...

4 Ways to Use Drones for Good (None of Which Is Amazon Delivery)


  • Professor Dan Pacheco's list of journalistic uses of drones includes "documenting the aftermath of tornadoes and other natural disasters (something Little Rock, Arkansas, station KATV did in April); providing an overhead view of such widespread environmental issues as pine-beetle infestation in his former state of Colorado; and gathering aerial footage of outdoor gatherings and travel destinations...

Holodeck at Newhouse Part of Virtual Reality Storytelling Project

Tags: oculus, rift, holodeck,

The Real Correlation Between Media and Entrepreneurship: Programs at SU Bring Everything Full Circle


  • "Last year, I had the opportunity to take a course called “The Next News Startup,” a class that was taught by Dan Pacheco, the Chair of Journalism Innovation at Newhouse. The class taught students how to think about the future of the news industry as well as work on our own media startups...

Drones and the First Amendment: Q&A with Dan Pacheco of Syracuse University's Newhouse School |


  • The chairman of journalism innovation at Syracuse -- and a drone owner himself -- discusses the issues raised by the FAA's blanket ban on the commercial use of drones. - Dan Pacheco
  • The chairman of journalism innovation at Syracuse -- and a drone owner himself -- discusses the issues raised by the FAA's blanket ban on the commercial use of drones...

Highlights from Professor Pacheco’s Participation in Chancellor Syverud’s Academic Symposium


  • Professor Pacheco was invited to speak on a panel about “Great Universities” in the future. You can see highlights from the panel on YouTube. - Dan Pacheco


PTCVoice: How Universities Are Adapting To The Internet Of Things Revolution - Forbes


  • Dan Pacheco, a chair in journalism innovation in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, teaches a tech for new media course. He’s working with students on using Arduino microcontrollers and sensors to “measure everything from air quality to temperature,” he says...

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