Upcoming events of interest to journovators

Here are some upcoming events at the S.I. Newhouse school that we think may be of interest to SU students and journovators.


Brown Bag Lunch with Natalie Gourvich from Squarespace

12-1 P

M – Thursday, January 31st, I-3 Center (Newhouse 3 432-434)
Open to SU students and faculty.

Please join Natalie Gourvich, Business Development Manager for Squarespace, on Thursday, January 31st at 12:00pm in the I-3 Center (room 432/434) to learn about how you can use Squarespace to build a website for your research, creative and classroom projects. Squarespace is an easy-to-use website creation platform in business since 2005. Faculty member Deb Pang Davis has been using it regularly since 2008 for client sites as well as her own.

Squarespace recently launched Version 6 (V6) an intuitive, drag-n-drop experience for people who dread getting their hands “dirty” with code. The beauty of it (still in beta) is that for those of us who don’t mind some grease, Squarespace is exceptionally malleable. The icing on the cake? Squarespace is very secure, stable (no hackers!) and has 24/7 customer support.


Hacking Journalism with Dan Schultz

NOON-1 PM – Wednesday, February 6, I3 Center (Newhouse 3, Room 432)
Open to SU students, faculty and the general public.

Our second Digital Edge Journalism seminar is scheduled for Feb. 6 and will feature Dan Schultz. Dan’s topic will be “Hacking Journalism.” He’ll be speaking from noon-1:30 p.m. in the I3 Center (Newhouse 3, Room 432). Please RSVP on Eve

ntbrite so that we can plan for space. Light snacks will be provided for those who RSVP and bring their Eventbrite tickets.

Most journalists can only do so much on their own with technology. To create something that is truly unique and innovative, you need to work with a developer. Thankfully, more and more developers are choosing journalism as a profession.

Dan Schultz is an MIT Media Lab grad and currently completing a Knight Mozilla Journalism fellowship at the Boston Globe. His recent projects include Truth Goggles, which compares news stories with PolitiFact articles in real time to determine if a statement is true or false; and ATTN-SPAN, which watches C-SPAN for you to create personalized episodes about what your representatives said in Congress.

See his code in action and get tips for how to convince coders to apply their skills to journalism.

Please RSVP on Eventbrite.

Was Big Data the Difference?

Journalist? Political junkie? Tech geek? Find out why, and how Big Data may be the future of campaigning.The last election may have been won by the party that did the best job of aggregating and analyzing data about voters.



  • Ashley Bryant: State digital director, Ohio, Obama for America.
  • Paul Cristian Morarescu: Assistant professor, data science, the School of Information Studies.
  • Grant Reeher: Professor, Political Science, The Maxwell School.
  • Hub Brown: Associate Dean, Research, Creativity, International Initiatives and Diversity. Associate Professor, S.I. Newhouse School (moderator).


Professor Pacheco in the Press

2016 Mirror Awards Ceremony - YouTube


  • Nonny de la Peña had this to say about Professor Pacheco after her acceptance of an I-3 Mirror Award.

    “Once the [Oculus] Facebook sale happened, $2 billion dollars, you’re not so nuts. But before that happened, a lot of people thought trying to do journalism in virtual reality was crazy...

Students, Faculty to Create Content for HoloLens Augmented Reality Headset


  • Prof. Dan Pacheco has been accepted into the HoloLens developer program and will work with Newhouse students and faculty to create content for the device. - Dan Pacheco


Immersive journalism: What virtual reality means for the future of storytelling and empathy-casting - TechRepublic


  • Prof. Pacheco was interviewed by CBS Interactive's TechRepublic about using virtuality for journalism in the story: "Immersive journalism: What virtual reality means for the future of storytelling and empathy-casting." The piece also referenced Pacheco's Virtual Reality Storytelling course and included a link to a 360 video of the SU football team by class member and football player Eric Jackson...



  • Prof. Pacheco co-authored the primer on virtual reality in this report on The State of Virtual Reality in Journalism for Gannett and the Knight Foundation. - Dan Pacheco


Daily Orange: Universities should embrace experiential media courses


  • "There’s a virtual reality course being taught this semester in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications called Virtual Reality Storytelling. (Full disclosure: I am taking the course right now. It’s awesome.) The course’s professor, Dan Pacheco, says demand for the course is high, and for good reason in that it may set you apart in a job interview...

StoryNEXT conference features virtual reality – Hypergrid Business


  • Professor Pacheco has been added to the advisory board for StoryNEXT, a new annual conference focused on innovators in virtual reality storytelling. - Dan Pacheco


Recent Breakthroughs In Virtual Reality Go Beyond Simply Playing Video Games | ThinkProgress


  • "“The more difficult and complicated the subject, the more we seem to want to close the news app and open up Candy Crush,” said Daniel Pacheco, a journalism professor at Syracuse University who specializes in VR storytelling. “VR can counteract this tendency because of its ability make you feel physically present somewhere and to comprehend information by exploring it in an almost physical way...

The Des Moines Register wins Murrow award for Harvest of Change VR Project


  • The Des Moines Register's Harvest of Change, which was the first project to incorporate virtual reality in a commercial news setting, has won a prestigious Edward R. Murrow award. This emerged from Professor Dan Pacheco working as an innovator in residence at Gannett Digital, where he brought an Oculus Rift and knowledge of how to create VR experiences in Unity...

HoloLens Brings 3D Media Into the Physical World


  • Professor Pacheco reports on his experience with an extended HoloLens demo at the E3 conference and provides ideas on how it could be used in journalism and media. - Dan Pacheco


"All the President's Avatars"


  • Professor Pacheco is interviewed by a Swedish tech magazine about virtual reality journalism. - Dan Pacheco


Adobe Adds Mixamo 3D Animation Service To Creative Cloud Mix | TechCrunch


  • "Students in Pacheco’s VR Storytelling course (http://vrstorytelling.org), most of whom have no 3D modeling experience, use Mixamo to easily and inexpensively add interactive characters to scenes that are viewed in Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets" -

    Welcome to the Washing Machine


    • Prof. Pacheco predicts the future media-disrupting technologies for CommPRObiz: "Part of my job as the Peter Horvitz Chair in Journalism Innovation is to look on the horizon and identify trends that might lead the next waves of disruption. I also challenge my students to do field tests of disruptive technologies, then use what they learn to predict where things will be in another 5 years...

Our list of the best 11 journalism experiments


  • Columbia Journalism Review just listed the "Harvest of Change” virtual reality journalism project that Professor Pacheco co-produced at Gannett as one of 11 noteworthy journalism experiments today. BDJ senior, now graduated, also contributed as a developer. -

    Virtual Reality Storytelling - From Screen to Beam : Documentary Campus e.V.


    • Creating Your First VR Experience
      Practical tips for getting started in VR using freely available software and 3D assets. Prof. Dan Pacheco will draw upon material from his Virtual Reality Storytelling class at the S.I. Newhouse School to provide practical steps for creating interactive scenes in Unity3D that can be exported for web and the Oculus Rift...

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