Dan Pacheco in 3D

Witness the advent of the 3D selfie.This scan of Professor Dan Pacheco was made using the Structure sensor. The model was imported into Sketchfab, a site that makes it easy to share 3D models on the web. Click the Play button on the image, then click and drag your mouse around to see the model from different angles.

Dan Pacheco
by Dan Pacheco
on Sketchfab

You can also embed 3D scans into a game environment using the free version of Unity 4. To learn the basics of how to use Unity, check out Professor Pacheco’s tutorial from the ONA 2014 conference or any of the lecture notes from his Virtual Reality Storyteling class. It includes a Unity template to help you hit the ground running with creating 3D environments.

Click in the image below, then use your arrow keys and mouse to move around. If you haven’t used the Unity Web Player before you may need to download it first. Eventually this extra download won’t be necessary, as future versions of Unity will export environments as WebGL and won’t require a plugin.