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Posting to the NNStart class curation page

Hello NNstart class,

First, I highly highly recommend you read this piece by Gigaom’s Matthew Ingram on a court decision yesterday on Net Neutrality. It has implications for practically every type of digital media, and if left unchallenged it could significantly stifle digital innovation: This comes on the heels of news that the Supreme Court will decide on the legality of the Aereo broadcast streaming service. For better or worse, this year may very well put the entire future of the Internet in the hands of the Supreme Court.

You may also notice that this post automatically appears in the sidebar of the NNStart web site, as well as the class curation page. Wow, you must be thinking, that Professor Pacheco must be constantly working on this site to post content and make everything lay out so nicely. What kind of vitamins is he taking? Well I have news for you — I didn’t spend any time posting that content to the site. It appears automatically whenever I tweet a link and include the #NNStart hashtag. I spent more time writing this explanatory post than I did updating all of that content on the curation page.

And now you can do the same thing. This morning I added your Twitter handles to the whitelist. Whenever you post a link in Twitter with the hashtag #NNSTart, your links will eventually find their way to the curation page, which is powered by a service called Rebelmouse. It takes anywhere from a few seconds to an hour for the posts to appear. If you don’t see your post there, take a look at the #NNStart hashtag on Twitter to confirm that your posts were made. (Note: the Twitter search is how I will periodically check that you’re sharing finds for grading).

The curation page also uses a service called Spundge, but we won’t get into that just yet.

As mentioned in class, your first assignment, due Thursday (tomorrow) is to read through some of the Neimanlab predictions for journalism in 2014, pick one that resonates with you and write 3-4 paragraphs (in the Blackboard assignment, not Twitter) about how it relates to a startup idea you want to explore in this class.

As a first test of the class curation page, please also tweet a link to the post you choose to #NNStart and summarize your thoughts in 140 characters or less. We will open Thursday’s class by going through the list. I’ll choose one to present, and whoever is chosen will get extra credit for this week.

– Prof. Pacheco