Gerry Center Innovation Lab Calendar

The Innovation Lab in the Alan Gerry Center for Media Innovation is available to those who have keycard access without requiring a reservation. Please note that the lab is meant to be a dynamic, creative space, not a reservable conference room.

There are common-sense rules that we ask everyone to read and agree to before using it. These rules are what allow us to make this a dynamic space, so please — don’t be the weakest link!

Because there are various projects underway in the lab, anyone with access can come in and out even when it’s being used by another group. However, on occasion large groups or classes request to use the lab for several hours at a time, making it more difficult or inconvenient for others to use it. We ask that you mark such times on this calendar so that others who plan to use the lab are aware and can make other arrangements if they choose.

If you would like to add and manage events on this calendar, add your information to this public Google Spreadsheet and then send an email to Dan Pacheco so that he can invite you to the Google Calendar.

Please note that the lab is large enough to accommodate several small groups at a time. Just because a group of 5-10 are using it doesn’t mean that you can’t. If you have a very large group meeting in the lab, be sure to note the size in the description so that others wanting to use it can plan to stay out of your way during that time. Please also note any specific area or equipment in the lab you plan to use.

Want access to add times to this calendar? Send your gmail address to Dan Pacheco.